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Zeleris: florfenicol + meloxicam
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A convenient solution

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Easy Dosage

1 mL/10 kg (4.5 mL/100 lbs)

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Easy to Inject

Excellent Syringeability

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Single shot

A Powerful combination

C.L.A.S.® (Ceva Layered Anti Shatter) Vial: designed for farm conditions.

Robust and shock resistant for less breakage and losses

Eco-designed vial for less impact on the environment

Zeleris C.L.A.S Vial

Ergonomic grip groove for easier handling

Innovative formula with excellent syringeability


For optimal treatment success:

Administer the correct dose at the appropriate time

Talk with your veterinarian about treatment protocols

Ask your veterinarian for more information

This website is intended to provide more information for producers whose vet has recommended Zeleris. Please enter the DIN (Drug Identification Number) for Zeleris to proceed